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Graduation Celebration

The infants of the Infants’ Department and the children of the Early Educational and Therapeutic Program, complete a cycle. 

Our best wishes, for an amazing summer and good luck to your next steps!

Our Brave Ones

As a parent with a 22-year-old child with disabilities I will tell you from my experience that the sooner you help the child, the higher the level he will reach when he grows up. It is very important that there is organized help, expert people who will explain to parents that it is not their own fault, which will help them understand the behavior of their child, and remain a united family without blaming each other and feeling guilty. We need to strengthen organizations like ELEPAP because that’s the only way we can avoid the tragedies that can happen.


Dr. Antonios Lazanas

Head of Portfolio and Index Research at Bloomberg

ELEPAP offers a series of programs of holistic intervention for children from infancy to school age. It constantly monitors international scientific developments, organizes and participates in scientific conferences and fora, ensuring in this way that it adheres to international standards, adopts and implements the latest methods of treatment.

To achieve our objective of facilitating and supporting the operations of ELEPAP Rehabilitation for the Disabled Centers in Greece, we will be hosting a series of events aimed at raising awareness about ELEPAP's work in the field of treating disability, promoting social integration and providing space for both civic and scientific work. 


We engage in various projects, organize events, raise awareness and funds to enable the operations of Rehabilitation Services of ELEPAP. 

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